Castle and Slide Combo


This unit is a blast for kids!  It features a clean and roomy bounce area with an attached dry slide.  Let this unit be the joy in your next event.  Children of all ages are sure to enjoy it.  The bounce area is 12’x12′ and the whole unit is 12’x20′.

Note: This is not a new unit.

Added to Inventory: 09/23/2016

  1. Size of level area needed: 22′ Wide x 30′ long CLICK HERE for Q&A
  2. 4′ wide lane to dolly the slide into position
    Weekly Rates: 6 Hour Rental
    One day rental $115.00.
    Two day rental $172.50.                                                                                                     Three day rental $ 230.00.

Deposit Required:

1 day rental= $50, 2 day rental= $75, 3 day rental= $100

We except all credit cards, Cash, and checks(Funds will and must be verified on site).