22′ Monster Tropical Rush

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Special Note on Booking:  When you go to booking and you see that a day you want to rent is closed and states “CALL TO BOOK” it means that we have just closed it from being able to book online and you must call/text us to book an inflatable.  Please do not let this discourage you from calling.  We do get cancellations from time to time as well.

This MONSTER TROPICAL RUSH water/dry slide a whopping 2 stories high which is 22 feet tall and is a thrill for even adults!  Its footprint is 21 feet wide by 40 feet long.  Kids from ages 3+ have enjoyed this slide.  Adults in their early 60’s  have even enjoyed this slide.  One can see that this slide is for all ages.

Added to Inventory: 02/01/2017

  • Size of level area needed: 31′ Wide x 50′ long CLICK HERE for Q&A
  • 4′ wide lane to dolly the slide into it position
  • Weekly Rates: 6-hour Rental
  1. Monday-Thursday one day rental is $250.00.*
  2. Two day rental Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday for $375.00.*
  3. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday one day rental $300.00.
  4. Two day weekend rental $450.00.
  5. Three day weekend rental $600.00
  6. Four day weekday special (Mon-Thurs) $450*

Deposit Required:

1 day rental= $100, 2 day rental= $125, 3 day rental= $150

Delivery Fee:   (Depends on Delivery Address)  we deliver free to our local area and the delivery fee will vary depending on the distance to the delivery address.

*Important NOTE: The weekday rates do not apply for HOLIDAYS such as: New Years, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July week, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving day, Spring Break, Fall Break, and Christmas Eve and Day.  These special days are a weekend rate, due to demand.

We except all credit cards, Cash, and checks(Funds will and must be verified on site).


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