Q & A

Q= Can the Inflatable be set up on any surface?

A= The inflatables can be set up on most surfaces such as, grass(the best), concrete, and asphalt.  The area that inflatables can not be set up on are any surface with obstructions such as gravel or bush hogged areas were small trees were cut.

Q= How level does the surface need to be?

A= The surface must be relatively level/flat.  Please call our office at (601) 808-2284 and we can discuss this more.

Q= How big of an area do we need for the inflatable?

A= The inflatable will have in its description the size of the area needed generally it is at a minimum of 10 feet wider and 10 feet longer than the units dimensions.

Q= Do the blowers have to be plugged in and running the entire time it is set up?

A= Yes and no!  The inflatable is required to be on the entire time it is in use; however, we like the blower to take a 30 minute break every four hours of use.  So if your event has a break (eating or cutting cake) just turn the blower off for that time period and make sure everyone is off the unit and not sitting/standing near unit as it will be deflating.  When everyone is ready to get back on the unit, just turn the blower back on and it will take approximately 2-5 minutes to fully inflate.  DO NOT let anyone on the unit until it is fully inflated.  

Q= If the unit deflates, will we have to add water back to the pool?

A= Yes. As the slide deflates, some or most of the water will run out and you will need to fill the pool back up to the full line before the slide is used again.